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Litter "F" Emerald Marvel



More informations you can find in section LITTER F (czech version, use google translator)

Mother will be our SCARLETT (C.I.E., GCH, MultiCH, JCH, JBIS Amazing Huntress Emerald Marvel "U"), it will be her second litter.

Photogallery of Scarlett´s progeny from previous litter HERE

Father of the litter will be a young stud dog from Poland SZAFIR (GCH, CH Tango Szara Wiara). The son of Leo, which we used for Scarlett's first litter, where the puppies are show-successful and with perfect hunting skills.

Both parents are health tested above standard, both have negative X-rays of the hips and a negative heart examination. Scarlett is negative after her parents for genetic diseases - DM, MH, HUU, HYM, SD. Szafir also has negative genetic tests. Puppies from this combination will never get DM, HUU, HYM, SD and will not carry the long hair gene.

From this combination we expect puppies with medium strong bones, nice exterior and good working potential. Puppies will be suitable for show, work, breeding or as family companions.

Pedigree of litter "F"

The four-generation pedigree of the litter "F" puppies is very diverse, we can find a total of 30 ancestors who come from the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Australia, Poland and Sweden. In the pedigree we find 21 beauty champions, of which 12 ancestors are also International beauty champions (the highest show championship). The pedigree is also numerously represented by dogs with hunting trials, a total of 22. Of these, 7 ancestors are versatile (highest hunting tests - field, water, forest). In the fourth generation, we also find the Czech working champion.


Scarlett is a smaller female with a medium strong bone, medium frame, with a noble and delicate female head, nice forechest, deep chest. She is friendly and completely non-conflict towards people and dogs. Her biggest weakness is food of all kinds, so she would go out with absolutely anyone for a piece of food :-D. She likes to be in the company of her owner, she is usually so pushy that she would like to climb on our heads :-D. Her favorite activity is sitting on a chair and observing the surroundings. As well as Zara being a good guard dog, they both inherited this from their mother Any. Scarlett, however, is much more trusting of strangers, which she inherited from Tyler, who is friends with everyone. More or less in character, she is an almost faithful copy of his father Tyler, who passes on a lot of character to his offspring. Scarlett's offspring from her first litter are very similar in character to both Scarlett and Tyler, friendly, cheerful and especially very voracious :-D.
Show career: Scarlett is our most successful breeding bitch. She recently completed the highest title - International Show Champion. She is a grand champion, multi-champion of several countries, junior champion. She had great success at shows, where she won Best Junior in Show - JBIS and Best in show honour class. She also holds the title Best Of Breed and Best of the opposite sex.
Hunting abilities: Scarlett is a perfect retriever from both parents, from her mother she inherited a beautiful strong pointing and a willingness to search for game, from her father she excels especially in scent disciplines such as bloodtracking, she is especially perfect at retrieving both small and harmful game. Both, Scarlett herself and her father Tyler are winners of forest exams. In addition, Scarlett has also passed all-round exams and is an versatile hunting dog. She is a significant helper on the hunt and is a great complement to Zara and our Travis.
Scarlett's ancestors come mainly from Czech and English lines. Most of them are successful at dog shows, 5 of them even achieved the highest title - International Champion of Beauty, just like Scarlett. Both her grandmothers have passed the highest tests for pointing dogs - all-round exams. Scarlett's great-grandfather was so successful at work that he became the Working champion.
More detailed information about Scarlett you can find in her profile
HERE . Please use google translator, the page is in czech language.


The Szafir is a strong-boned and medium-sized dog, with a longer body, a noble male head, and a deep and wide chest. Szafir impresses above all with his compact body structure with very prominent musculature and perfect spacious movement. Szafir has friendly character to people and dogs. He is a more temperamental dog with a great passion for work. He is a good retriever and an excellent in water. He has Junior field trials for young dogs, similar to ability tests + work on water. Even though in Poland it is very difficult to get hunting tests and hunting training in general, the owner is very dedicated to Szafir in this aspect as well and they train hunting training regularly. Further hunting trials are also planned in the future. Szafir also participates in small game hunts with his owner.
Szafir is also successful at shows, he is the champion and grand champion of Poland, candidate of International beauty champion.
He is the winner of the breed - BOB and placed in the group of pointing dogs in the final competitions. This year, the owner went abroad with him, specifically to Nitra, where he was also successful and started the champion of Slovakia.
Szafir's ancestors come from Polish, Czech, Australian and Swedish lines.
His father Leo is a very successful stud dog in Poland, who passes on perfect spacious movement and a nice temperament to his offspring. After all, we used him for Scarlett's first litter, which is successful both at the show and at work. Another prominent stud dog in his pedigree is the Czech stud dog Arthur, who excelled above all in dog shows and produced many beautiful and successful offspring. Most of Szafir's pedigree is traced to old Polish lines, which are mainly based on Czech weimaraners and the English dog Gunalt Spritz, which was imported to Poland.Szafir currently has one litter in Poland, so this will be only the second mating of this dog and the first mating with this dog in the Czech Republic.
You can find more detailed information about Szafir HERE


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