Emerald Marvel

Přeložit: Chovatelská stanice výmarských ohařů
a labradorských retrívrů


Silver Skydiver Best Impression

Champion of Slovakia
Candidate for Junior champion of Hungary


Hunting licence

Autumn (field) exams - III. prize

Breed: Labrador retriever
Colour: yellow
Sex: female
Place of birth: Dnipro (UKR)
Breeder: Vladislava Lunchenko (CHS Silver Skydiver)
Owner: Tereza Křížová & Roman Pantůček (CHS Emerald Marvel)
Place of staying: Dolní Dunajovice
Mother: CH Mallorn´s Silver Sky
Colour of mother: yellow
Father: CIB, CH Yankee Goodwill Free-way At Mascot Skif
Colour of father: yellow
Date of birth: 5. 6. 2018
Date of takeover: 6. 11. 2018
Number of import: UKU.0382517
Registration number: ČLP/LR/34931
Microchip number: 804098100106727
Colour of ribbon: brown
Weight: 33 kg
Height: 53 cm
Teeth: complete, sccissor bite

Hips dysplasia: A/A
Elbows dysplasia: 0/0
(prcd-PRA): N/N clear
(CNM/HMLR): N/N clear
(EIC): N/N clear
(HNPK): N/N clear
Degenerative myleopathy (DM): N/N clear
Hyperurikosuria (HUU): N/N clear
Malignignant hypertemia (MH): N/N clear
Cystinurie: N/N clear
Longhair gene FGF5: N/N clear

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