Emerald Marvel

Přeložit: Chovatelská stanice výmarských ohařů
a labradorských retrívrů

Bitter Sweet Love Emerald Marvel

Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Slovakia

Candidate for International beauty champion C. I. B.
Candidate for International show champion C. I. E.
Candidate for Grand champion Czech republic


Working class certificate

Autumn (field) exams - I. prize
Water exams - I. prize - 4th place

Zara is using in hunting practice

Breed: Weimaraner shorthair
Colour: silver-grey
Sex: female
Place of birth: Šaratice
Breeder: Tereza Křížová (CHS Emerald Marvel)
Owner: Marek Flajzar (CHS Emerald Marvel)
Place of staying: Nížkovice / Šaratice
Mother: CH Any od Ptačího dolu
Father: MultiCH All-Star Alonso Atagora
Date of birth: 10. 2. 2020
Registration number: ČLP/VOK/11471
Microchip number: 963007300001244
Colour of ribbon: pink
Weight: 36 kg
Height: 65 cm
Teeth: complete, scissor bite
White marks: NO
Hips dysplasia: HD A/A
Elbow dysplasia: ED 0/0
DCM (heart examination):
Test for longhair gene (LHC): N/N clear (by parentage)
Malignant hypertemia (MH): N/N clear (by parentage)
Hyperurikosuria (HUU): N/N clear (by parentage)
DNA profiled and stored
Degenerative myleopathy (DM): N/N clear (by parentage)
Hypomyelinization (HYM): N/N clear (by parentage)
Spinal dysraphism (SD): N/N clear (by parentage)

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