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Walks in February

Photos from some February´s walks you can find  HERE

Walk with Ivy and Hailey

On the walk were: Ivy with Míša, Hailey with Roman, Travis with me and Scarlett with Marek. We did some obedience and aport training :).

Photos from walk you can find HERE


We received certificates of championship for our boys.

"TYLER" MultiCH Caramel Love de Donawitz
Veteran champion of CZ
Veteran champion of SK

"TRAVIS" MultiJCH Contact with Marvel Atagora
Junior champion of CZ
Junior champion of SK

Show and work results of Tyler´s kids

"BEZA" Beza z Lasów Preczowskich
(Caramel Love de Donawitz x Fryt za Lasow Preczowskich)
CACIB Katowice - intermediate class - Excellent 4/4

"SALLY" Classic Dream´s Mini Cappucina
(Caramel Love de Donawitz x Harmaahalen VIP to Classic Dream)
Field trial - 2. prize
Field trial - 2. prize
Water exams - 9 points /9
CACIB show in 2018 - CK, CACIB, BOS

"FOCUS" J SE UCH SE VCH LD stkl Classic Dream´s Mini Espresso
(Caramel Love de Donawitz x Harmaahalen VIP to Classic Dream)
Obedience exams in Obedience class 1
2x v 1. prize
2x ve 2. prize
2x. ve 3. prize

Ashlee celebrates birthday!

Our ASHLEE (Aprilia Ashlee Silesian Sun) celebrates 8. 2. 2019 her fourth birthday čtvrté! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Health results

"TYLER" CIB, CIE, VetCH, MultiGCH, MultiCH, MultiJCH Caramel Love de Donawitz
(Sireva Minstergate Paganini x Eternal Vision At Sirius Nova)
Heart examination of dilatated cardiomyopathy (DCM) - negative in age 8, 5 years!!!

"ARGENTO" JCH Argento Burrico La Vita Eterna
(Caramel Love de Donawitz x Bailey Agamysh)
Heart examination of DCM - negative in age 4, 5 years, Argento is fourth dog from this litter which is examinated on DCM with negative resul, just like his siblings!

"DIXIE" Classic Dream´s Mini Vanilla
(Caramel Love de Donawitz x Harmaahallen VIP to Classic Dream)
 HD A/A, ED 0/0 (in age 3, 5 years)

Duo Cacib Brno 2. & 3. 2. 2019

judge: A. Pokorn (SI), P. Berchtold (AT)

intermediate class
"TRAVIS" JCH, Puppy CH Contact with Marvel Atagora
Excellent 1/2, CAC, Excellent 2/2, res. CAC - finished JUNIOR CHAMPION CZ!!!

veteran class
"TYLER" CIB, CIE, VetCH, MultiGCH, MultiCH, MultiJCH Caramel Love de Donawitz
Excellent 1, BOV - finished VETERAN CHAMPION CZ!!! Tyler finished 18th championship

junior class
"BUCK" Buck Neowille (Tyler x Aigi z Labské louky)
Excellent 3, Excellent 2

"IVY" Apricot Blossom Emerald Marvel (Tyler x Any)
Very good 3

judge: A. Bogucka (PL), L. Voláriková (SK)
"HAILEY" Silver Skydiver Best Impression
Very promising 2/3, Very promising 1/2

 Photogallery from dog show you can find HERE