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Walk with Ivy and Montym

We go for a walk with our two progeny Ivy (Apricot Blossom Emerald Marvel) and Monty (Almond Ice Cream Emerald Marvel). We took our Scarlett (Amazing Huntress Emerald Marvel) with us.

Photos from walk you can find HERE

Tyler - genetic results

SD - N/N clear
HYM - N/N clear

We are very happy form this results! Tyler is also tested on these genetic disease with negative result:

- DM, HUU, MH and longhair coat FGF5
- another health results: HD A/A, ED 0/0, DCM - negative (heart disease), DNA profiled

Litter "C" od Rybníka Podhoráku celebrate birthday

The puppies from the litter "C" od Rybníka Podhoráku ze spojení Caramel Love de Donawitz x  Elma od Starého Krče pod Čertí skalou celebrated 26. 3. 2019 first birthday!

From this litter are succesful:
Cody od Rybníka Podhoráku - Candidate JCH CZ, CAJC, Very promising 3 at weimaraner speciality
Carlen od Rybníka Podhoráku - very promising

Any celebrates birthday

Our ANY (Any od Ptačího dolu) celebrated 25. 3. 2019 fifth birhday! She really enjoyed her b-day party, she liked the cake and her new toy.

Photos from b-day party you can find HERE

Cacib Tallin (Estonia)

"SÄDE" Arctic Flake Emerald Marvel
Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, CQ, Best female, BOB - started JCH Estonia!!!
(MultiCH Caramel Love de Donawitz x CH Any od Ptačího dolu)

Tyler - Show champion of Hungary!

Our TYLER (Caramel Love de Donawitz) fullfiled conditions for Show champion of Hungary. These conditions fullfiled before 5 years :-D, but I found out this month :-D. We received certificate from Hungary - this is Tyler´s 19th championship!

Litter "B" Ilfirino Aire celebrate birthday

Litter "B" Ilfirino Aire from combination Caramel Love de Donawitz x Arwen Moon Blaze celebrated 13. 3. 2019 first birthday!

From these litter are successful:
Baby Grace Ilfirino Aire - Very promising 1/10 at weimaraner speciality, BISS baby, Excellent 2
Baby Doll Ilfirino Aire - Very promising 3/10 at weimaraner speciality, Excellent 3

Genetic result of our weims

We recieved genetic results from DDC Veterinary lab in USA:

"TYLER" MultiCH Caramel Love de Donawitz
DM - N/N clear

"ANY" CH Any od Ptačího dolu
DM - N/N clear

It means that our weimaraner litter "A" is also clear for DM.

"TRAVIS" MultiJCH Contact with Marvel Atagora
DM - N/N clear
HUU - N/N clear
Coath lenght FGF5 - N/N clear - he doesn´t carry longhair gene